The Key Buoy!

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THE KEY BUOY!   Like a Life Preserver for Your Keys!!!

The Key Buoy is the Ultimate Key Saver!

  • Automatically Self-Inflates in just seconds!

  • When keys fall in the water, The Key Buoy pops open and its air tube inflates to 14” (36cm).

  • Maintains Marine Buoyancy for up to 40 minutes!

  • Perfect for marine use and around lakes, pools, rivers. 

  • A perfect gift for boaters, sailors, kayakers, water-skiers, windsurfers and house-boaters!

  • Don't ever lose your keys to the liquid abyss again!

To see the Key Buoy in action . . .
   CLICK HERE to see the Key Buoy video!
(5.4 mb)

How does it work?  When your keys or other items fall into the water, The Key Buoy activates just like an automatic life preserver!  Activated by sodium bicarbonate and tartaric acid (a mild irritant), this ultimate boater’s key ring will quickly pop open, releasing the 14” air tube which will automatically inflate from the production of gas, and will lift your keys to the surface within 30 seconds!  The bright orange tube extends above the water, allowing you to easily reach over and pick them up.  Every boater will now want this amazing key saver!

Unlike typical cheap floating key chains or key fobs, The Key Buoy actually floats the weight of up to 10 KEYS right to the surface!

The Key Buoy key holder has enough buoyancy to lift items up to 4.2 ounces (120 Grams)!

 Also great for protecting against against the loss of. . .

  • Deck Plate Keys

  • Small Tools

  • VHF Radios (Yours might be waterproof, but does it float?)

  • Handheld GPS

  • Swiss Army Knives

  • Cameras

  • Cellphones

  • Plastic Winch Handles

  • Anything else up to 4.2 ounces (120 Grams)!

 To see the Key Buoy in action . . .
CLICK HERE to see the Key Buoy video!
(5.4 mb)

The Key Buoy is suitable for one time use only, so buy several!  Give a few to your friends ~ They'll fall in love with The Key Buoy!

Davis Instruments Key Buoy

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